About Us

Ms. Chao, specializes in the design and production of Tango apparel for both men and women, is a Chinese brand Established in 2017 from the creative vision of the designer, Lillian Chao.  At Ms. Chao, we believe that Tango is not just a dance; it's an expression of elegance, passion, and sophistication. 


Our Tango dress collection was created in 2017 and has become very popular in China's Tango community. MsChao integrated Argentine sexy into oriental style, elegance encountering joy with surprise; you would experience elegance mixed with an intangible sexy, which creates the unique charm of eastern women, that is, simple nature. 


We are honored to design and make high quality dance costumes for you, ranging from class, milonga, performance to competition. Let you put on your unique and charming.

If you do not have a MsChao dress just try it! You will love it forever.